Providing Business Development Training and Strategies

“When your views on the world and your intellect are being challenged and you begin to feel uncomfortable because of a contradiction you've detected that is threatening your current model of the attention. You are about to learn something.”

 William H Drury Jr. Professor, Author

Discover a wide range of tailor-made training solutions from Inspire 2 Achieve Training & Consultancy Ltd. Based in Leicestershire, our consultants provide business development training and strategies that are tailored to your specific business goals and objectives. Providing personal coaching, one-off group training, and full training packages, we develop our services to suit your business’ needs and budget. We complete most designs in-house, based on information we collect from you. Get in touch today to request a consultation and a quotation for our services.

Core Areas

We have developed strategies and programmes in a range of core areas, including:

Core Areas

  • Inclusion and Diversity

  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills

  • Management and Leadership

  • Personal Effectiveness

  • Personal Impact and Influencing Skills

  • Facilitation and Training Skills

  • Understanding Personal Style

Previous Programmes

Our consultants have designed and delivered an array of programmes, including:

Previous Programmes

  • Inclusive Behaviours

  • Diversity Awareness

  • Leadership Development

  • Personal Impact Training

  • Coaching Skills

  • Networking Skills

  • Mentoring Skills

  • One-To-One and Team Coaching on Personal Performance and Business Issues

  • Team Developments

  • Facilitation Of Business Events

  • Relationship Skills

  • Facilitation and Train-the-Trainer Skills

  • Advanced Facilitation Skills and Problem Solving

  • People Skills for Managers

  • Time Management and Prioritisation

  • Self-Awareness and Self-Management

Business development strategies

Meeting Your Needs

Once we have listened to your needs and aspirations and discovered more about your organisation, we will offer some ideas and options. It may be a case of simply adapting one of our existing programmes or developing something just for you. By using coaching and facilitation techniques, we empower our clients to build their confidence and develop to their full potential, both on an individual and organisational level.

Self Assessments

We also utilise a variety of self-assessment tools, blended with our learning programmes as appropriate, with one-to-one or group feedback provided. These tools include:

Self Assessments

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)

  • Belbin Team Roles

  • Working Styles Preferences

"It was refreshing to have an external trainer giving her insight on matters. Although external, Catherine was aware of the our principles and Company standards so she was able to contribute from a position of knowledge when reference was made to them and give insight on those."

Bespoke Business Development Services

Our team tailor our business development training and strategies for your unique requirements.

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