The Rainbow

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A beautifully illustrated children's book exploring valuing difference.

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“The message, the colourful characters and the simplicity
of the book is ideal for children, but the message is just as important for

The simple and beautifully illustrated story sees the paint
pots arriving at school and immediately pairing up with those just like
themselves. A task set by the teacher to get to know one another shines a light on their styles and behaviours and they each chose to work on their own in their own way. As the story unfolds it takes a storm outside to get the paint pots talking and sharing with each other until they realise it is much kinder and happier to be together. They represent the rainbow that shows up in the sky as a reminder of hope and harmony.

Reviews have been exceptional, and one Dad shared with his 2
children and said it had triggered lots of discussion. A schoolteacher friend has used to explore valuing each other and see all those differences as strengths. Catherine provided some prompt questions, and the teacher used the illustrations to ask which colour they preferred and why.
Midwife and mum of 2 had said, “All primary schools should have this book and read it to the younger children”