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The Rainbow Illustrated Children's Book

The Rainbow - How to talk about inclusion with your children

As the first lockdown of 2020 started I began to look through some of my old files, handwritten notes and spending the down time productively and thinking about adapting to online learning. I came across an old typed note on yellowing thin paper, with an anonymous Indian Legend, that I'd had for many years. It was about the colours of the rainbow fighting with each other. Along with her son Ryan and his girlfriend Amy, they produced a short video that is on You Tube with characters representing the colours.

However, Catherine had always wanted to write a book and with Amy’s artistic talent they started drafting a story. It changed many, many
times over the months until they landed on the idea of an art school for paint pots. Then came the challenge of publishing and all that entails.

December 2020 saw the book launched and the response has been very positive.
“The message, the colourful characters and the simplicity of the book is ideal for children, but the message is just as important for

The simple and beautifully illustrated story sees the paint pots arriving at school and immediately pairing up with those just like themselves. A task set by the teacher to get to know one another shines a light on their styles and behaviours and they each chose to work on their own in their own way. As the story unfolds it takes a storm outside to get the paint pots talking and sharing with each other until they realise it is much kinder and happier to be together. They represent the rainbow that shows up in the sky as a reminder of hope and harmony.

Reviews have been exceptional, and one Dad shared with his 2 children and said it had triggered lots of discussion. A schoolteacher friend has
used to explore valuing each other and see all those differences as strengths. Catherine provided some prompt questions, and the teacher used the illustrations to ask which colour they preferred and why.
Midwife and mum of 2 had said, “All primary schools should have this book and read it to the younger children”

Catherine hopes to continue writing – an adult version this time, capturing stories and lessons from her years of training. Inclusion is still not an easy topic for some, and we need to find ways of changing that. If this book can help parents talk with their children about difference and being respectful then the messages are getting through to all of us. We all need reminders of how we can be more inclusive, in our everyday language and
A work colleague wrote on LinkedIn “Started my day with Catherine’s book, The Rainbow and I have to confess it got me ever so slightly
choked up. What a beautiful story to be teaching our kids. I’ve got to admit though – there’s a few boardroom old timers who I think would benefit from a copy too.”

If you are a school or nursery local to Hinckley, and would like to arrange a “meet the author” online or at some point vising your classroom, do get in
touch with Catherine.

The book is priced at £5.99 on Amazon. And if you have Prime recommend you purchase through here - please leave a review.
Otherwise you can drop me an email to purchase direct from me or use my shop and I can post out a personalised copy, once paid for. The book plus P&P where collection not possible is £9.00.
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