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To gym or not to gym – that is the question!

As I left the house to go to the gym I was still trying to reason myself out of going; to convince myself I was too busy, that I didn’t really need to go today; I could go later in the day and on and on.

And I really have no excuse as my gym is only 3 minutes from my house. I have already recognised that I need a class to get me there, i.e. a start and end time, and I need someone to motivate me from the front. I have tried doing my own thing but it’s too easy to give up. So, I have recognised my needs and weak spots and yet it still isn’t plain sailing.

So why I am sharing this with you?

Well, it made me think that even when we’ve done our preparation to be somewhere and we know it’s the right thing to do our self-doubt and motivation can still get in the way.

I have realised that I need to imagine the great feeling I have after I’ve done my gym class and how much it sets me up to focus on my work. Without managing our physical and mental states then we can become defocussed and demotivated. I felt so energised after my very active Legs Bums and Tums session and skipped out and home with renewed vigour. I noticed a couple of newcomers at the back of the class and wondered if they would return – it’s not easy keeping going even once you have started, but I find once I have taken that first step (or jump) then it’s less likely I will back out.

So, some learning takeaways for me are:

  • Know Your Drivers to Succeed
  • If It’s Worth Doing, Then Get on with It
  • Visualise the Endpoint and Work Back to How You Can Get There
  • If at First, You Don’t Succeed, Don’t Give up
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